About Us


RFID Institute SA is Africa’s leading vendor-neutral RFID centre, providing education and expert professional services to all organisations intending to implement, or simply learn more about RFID. With our extensive expertise and partner alliances with leading RFID product vendors, we represent the RFID industry by advising the end-user on the most appropriate RFID solution to suit their requirements.

There are several versions of RFID that operate at different radio frequencies. The choice of frequency is dependent on the business requirements and read environment. It is not a technology of “one size fits all” and proceeding from a business strategy to full-scale deployment of RFID is a complex activity.

Our main focus is to ensure that RFID deployments are performed correctly and thus minimise the risks involved, as well as to provide training in RFID education and certification.

The RFID Institute SA consists of a specialised team of experts with extensive experience in process engineering,

  • RFID design and implementation.
  • Fields of RFID technology specialisation
  • Each of the Institute’s consultants are industry leaders in the fields of mining, heavy industry, manufacturing, logistics, apparel, pharmaceuticals, medical products and transport.

Vision and mission

The Institute’s vision is to promote the effective use of RFID technology.

The Institute advises companies on how to successfully implement RFID technology, based on a phased approach to implementation developed as a result of years of application experience. The implementation includes:

  • Consultation
  • Education
  • Analysis
  • Business case development
The Institute is a technology partner concerned for clients’ satisfaction with the solution provided.

Services Offered

Membership and Alliance Partner Programs
These programmes give access to Africa’s only RFID Centre and Test Laboratory. Benefits include:

  • Expert technical advice
  • Updates on industry regulations and standards
  • Access to exclusive research and surveys
  • Case studies and pilot test reports
  • Industry research
  • White Papers
  • Endorsement as an approved vendor
  • Qualification and assessment of leads and product use
  • Independent application assessments

Professional Services
Our expert team offers full professional services from surveying a site to implementation, and any component in between. Benefits include:

  • Analysis of requirements
  • Site survey
  • System design
  • Vendor qualification
  • Project implementation


At our academy we provide specialised education to all organisations intending to implement or simply learn more about RFID. Programs include:

  • RFID Basics Course
  • RFID Implementation (including RFID+ Certification preparation)

Our clients
The RFID Institute SA is proud to have satisfied clients such as Anglo Platinum, Harmony Gold, KWV, Swartland, Anglo Coal, Anglo Gold, EDS, Levi Strauss, Schauenburg, Cybertrack, Assmang, Versapak and Exxaro.

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