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Schauenburg Minewide Communication System

2 Jul 2009 Mine Management Systems; Man / Equipment Tracking; Paging and Distress Call; Access Control; Collision Avoidance; Trapped Miner Location; Remote Monitoring...read more


mining collision avoidance system,

Mining - Collision Avoidance System

2 Jul 2009 The Collision Warning and Tracking System consists of various components that are installed in relevant positions i.e. - Underground vehicles...read more

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fixed asset management, auditing solution,

Asset Auditor - Accounting Your Assets

2 Jul 2009 The fixed asset management and auditing solution - provides and effective solution fo rmanaging and auditing your Fixed Asset Register...read more

tagsfixed asset management, auditing solution,

wavetrend l-rx201 reader, lrx201 rs485 / rs232 reader, ,


18 Aug 2008 WAVETREND L-RX201 READER - The LRX201 RS485 / RS232 Reader Detects and decodes RF Transmitted signals from...read more

tagswavetrend l-rx201 reader, lrx201 rs485 / rs232 reader, ,

mercury 4, ,

MERCURY 4, Powered by ThingMagic

31 Jul 2008 MERCURY 4 powered by ThingMagic: Intelligent, Network Ready, Reads Any Tag.....read more

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locatx real time locating systems,

Locatx Real Time Locating systems

24 Jul 2008 Personal safety and security - gain virtual real-time visibility of employees, contractors and authorised visitors within your...read more

tagslocatx real time locating systems,

alien - 8800 enterprise rfid reader,

ALIEN - 8800 Enterprise RFID Reader

22 Jul 2008 ALIEN - 8800 Enterprise RFID Reader - EPC Gen 2, ETSI Compliant RFID Readerread more

tagsalien - 8800 enterprise rfid reader,

alien alr - 9650,

ALIEN ALR - 9650 Gen 2 RFID Reader with Integrated Antenna

20 Jul 2008 ALIEN ALR - 9650 Gen 2 RFID Reader with Integrated Antenna - Complete, Easy, Single-Antenna RFID Solutionread more

tagsalien alr - 9650,

ems cobalt hf readers,

EMS Cobalt HF Readers

22 Feb 2008 EMS Cobalt HF Readers - Integrated Modular Controller / Antennas. Rugged, highly connected Cobalt HF RFID systems give...read more

tagsems cobalt hf readers,

tagsys oem mid-range reader po13, ,


21 Feb 2008 TAGSYS OEM MID-RANGE READER PO13 - The TAGSYS Medio PO13 is a low Cost 13.56 MHz OEM...read more

tagstagsys oem mid-range reader po13, ,

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