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RFID Institute. SA is Africa’s leading vendor-neutral RFID centre, providing education and expert professional services to all organisations intending to implement, or simply learn more about RFID. With our extensive expertise and partner alliances with leading RFID product vendors, we represent the RFID industry by advising the end-user on the most appropriate RFID solution to suit their requirements. There are several versions of RFID that operate at different radio frequencies. The choice of frequency is dependent on the business requirements and read environment. It is not a technology of “one size fits all” and proceeding from a business strategy to full-scale deployment of RFID is a complex activity.Our main focus is to ensure that RFID deployments are performed correctly and thus minimise the risks involved, as well as to provide training in RFID education and certification.

In preparation for your RFID program your company will need to take the following steps:

The RFID Institute. SA has developed the Phasead Approach, a comprehensive set of professional services proven to reduce the risk, enhance the effectiveness and speed for time-to-value of RFID programmes and projects. These services can be customised to meet particular customer requirements, whether it’s helping to design an effective RFID strategy or consulting on fundamental issues, such as optimal tags and reader placements. Experts with extensive practical experience in helping to drive successful RFID implementations provide our consulting services.
Our specialised team of experts offers full professional services from surveying a site to implementation and any component in between.


Our consulting teams will help you to look beyond your current needs and implement cost-effective, scalable solutions that provide value to your business. We help you design systems that integrate with your existing manufacturing and distribution processes.
On-Site Workshops
Provide a clear understanding of RFID Technology within your business.
Project Analysis
This covers the rationale and reasons for the RFID deployment, defining the scope and how RFID will be used.
Test and Validate
Evaluate technology performance, run trials without affecting existing operations.
Site Survey
Identify and document the many variables that exist and impact on system design and performance.
System design, including vendor selection,costing and building the business case.
Professional management services guarantee roll out is according to specification.
Turnkey pilot solutions offered.
Technical Support
Ongoing support through our Membership programme.
Case Study
Blueprint for success

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