RFID Centre

The RFID Institute.SA Centre is a customised location for members, encouraging exploring and testing of RFID technologies and products, and piloting RFID solutions, providing a distinctive environment for enterprises of all types to collaborate on building RFID solutions. Joining this community of partners gives your organisation access to the resources within the centre supplied by a wide range of vendors, as well as the opportunity to interact with other participants in the RFID industry, including:

  • Hardware solution providers
  • Software solution providers
  • System integrators
  • End users
  • University-based educators and researchers

With access to laboratories and tests facilities fitted with state of the art equipment including reader portals, conveyers, dock doors and temperature testing apparatus, a wide range of RFID applications can be tested.

Organisations associate themselves with the RFID Institute.SA either as partners or members, and have access to the centre and professional services.



Utilise our equipped solutions lab for testing and evaluating technologies and products.


A broad range of the latest RFID technologies and products on display. Live demonstrations on request.


Assistance in the development of customised tags for specialised applications.


  • Wide range of RFID demonstration equipment and cross-sector applications to help organisations assess potential value and business impact.
  • Simulate RFID functionality and run performance trials without affecting existing operations.
  • Performance trials to prove the effectiveness of your solution in a simulated ‘live’ situation, minimizing on- site testing.
  • Evaluation of technologies and products, and assessment of interoperability.
  • Engagement in proof-of-concept and assessment of alternatives.

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